You are “Tweet”…

Happy Easter!  However you spend your day, I hope it’s a wonderful one.  I’ll be having family over a little later, so it’s been a very busy weekend for me…. Now that all the prep work is done, I can’t wait for everyone to get here!  I feel badly for anyone planning an Easter egg hunt because there is still so much snow on the ground in my neck of the woods!

Amongst all of my business yesterday, I took a trip to my post office, and my new stamp of the month was waiting there for me!  I couldn’t get back to my car fast enough to look at it:) Once again, I was in love with it, and my head was swirling with ideas and possibilities.  THE STAMPS OF LIFE never disappoints me with my club set.  The set is called BIRDCAGE2STAMP.  Here are a few ideas I came up with yesterday, with more on the way.  All dies and stamp can be found over at TSOL.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!  Enjoy your day! 


Don’t you just love the little bird swing?  I love the hearts in the wings too!  There are many little sayings too:)


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